Got Only $1,000 in Pocket? Here Are the Businesses That You Can Start

I have seen people whining about how less their savings are, how big their business ideas are and how tough is the market and they conclude by saying, “9 to 5 seems to be a better option than losing my savings to this market”, and I always think that if the basic idea behind business is only money grabbing more money, why a meager note of $100 cannot attract another note of $50 or so?


It seems it is the time to see what one man (or woman for that matter) can do with a meager capital of $1,000! Let us put ourselves in a hypothetical situation, beat our brains out and see why a very lowly capital of $1,000 cannot attract one, two or more thousand dollars.

In this blog post, you are going to find out the business ideas that you can realize and you can capitalize on, with only $1,000 in your pocket. So without further ado, let us see what you can make possible with this little capital.


1. Duct Cleaning Business


The air duct that you see everywhere in the residential blocks, as well as offices and commercial buildings, is used to ventilate air throughout the building and make it possible for people living or working there to have centralized air conditioning as well as heating.

This is a big business as well. With the passage of time air ducts manage to collect a lot of dust, debris and other such things that obstruct the proper functioning of the duct. This is the time when the management or man of the house has to call duct cleaners. This is a good business that needs very limited resources and staff.


2. Cleaning Services


Well, duct cleaning is something which is being done on the big commercial level, but if you want to get into cleaning services at large, please consider a handful of them. Acquire expertise with help of online books and YouTube tutorials and very soon you will be doing all sort of cleaning services. Here is a list of them; people are always willing to pay the considerable amount of money and all you have to do is learn how to clean stuff or hire one or two-person staff.

·         Chimney sweep – is just as crucial as and similar to the duct cleaning

·         Carpet wash and clean – is one of the most well-known micro businesses

·         Motor vehicles & boat cleaning – has fast emerged as a business that needs limited number of staff and equipment, but it gives better yield

·         Upholstery cleaning & repair – people have furniture at home as well as at office and cleaning or repair is always a periodical job


3. Repair Business


What if I told you that a man with very little money in his pocket started repairing and selling old bicycles and he made a fortune out of it? A many acres business facility, lavish bungalow and what not? You can also start a repair business with little knowledge and guidance.

·         Repair and sale of used Mobile Phones

·         Repair and sale of used household machinery and equipment

·         Repair and sale of used motorbikes and cars

·         Repair and sale of used computers

·         Repair and sale of used electronics

·         Repair and sale of used engines

·         Repair and installation of fences


4. Packaging


Would you not be amazed if I told you that the number of packaging bags and boxes moving from one city, country and continent to another city, country, and continent is much bigger than the number of human beings doing so?

Packaging is a big business but it can be done at small scale. This is kind of thing that everyone needs. From the beef burger vender to the latest French scents company, everyone needs packaging for their products. You can invest a little in raw material, learn how to bind boxes at home and join the parade of packaging and box manufacturers.


5. Crypto Currency


Let us talk about real currencies first. If you buy a Japanese Yen, for example, and if you hope to make some good profit out of it, you might have to wait for as much as five years to a decade. Now, this is not the time that you can wait for. So what to do? Invest in digital or cryptocurrencies. They are hard to understand, but you might hit a jackpot with a few Bitcoins or Ripples in your pocket. The price goes up and down like stock, but the rule is simple; but when it is going down and sell when it is going high.

6. Freelancing


If no one has ever told you about this goldmine, you need to know. As per the stats and estimates made by the people who have an eye on the business trends and advent of the internet, in coming years it will be hard for even the biggest companies to hire a person with freelancing potential and experience as well as skills, as a full-time employee. It will simply be unaffordable.

So when it comes to freelancing, it is more than selling shovels in a gold rush than finding a goldmine of your own. Companies need – a long list of skills and things to be done.

They need:

·         High-quality content -  to engage readers, increase loyal customers and rank high on Google SERP

·         Search Engine Optimization – to beat the competition on the first page of Google

·         Graphic design – to get stunning graphics for their company’s insignia, projects, pages, and websites etc.

·         Voice overs – for all the audiovisual content that they publish online and to make awesome ads

·         Copywriting – to convert the hardest no-sayers and make them the customers of certain companies and brands, such companies and brands need copywriting services

·         Digital Marketing – this includes SEO as well as social media coverage for big businesses to boost the reach and bring more customers

·         Coders – because every business is unique and their website has to reflect the unique business theory behind such businesses