Cardboard Boxes + Creativity = Awesome Products

Most of us, when we think of the cardboard boxes, are unable to think of anything better than the useless boxes that we get with the products that we buy and then we consider them good for nothing except throwing them away after we withdraw our products out of these boxes.


These cardboard boxes are made out of a very useful material and they are not at all useless unless you ignore the possibilities packed inside these boxes and look at them like they are a cardboard mess.

The corrugated fiberboard and cardboard art is fast becoming the next big thing in the realm of arts and furniture. And we still cannot think of them more than “packaging” for much-needed products.


I decided to read about the creative uses of cardboard boxes and material and I think you will dig what I have found in my search for the creative uses of cardboard.

So, without having you wondering about these cardboard uses, here I give a breakdown of them.

1. Wall Art

I just mentioned that the next form of art will be cardboard art and this is not a vague claim. From the furniture to cardboard sculpture to wall art, the cardboard sheets are already being used in so many different ways.

If you cannot get hands on raw cardboard sheets, you can use cardboard storage boxes to make beautiful wall art. All you have to do is to apply beautiful wrapping paper to the square boxes or sheets of cardboard, add some hook to hang it on the wall.

2. File Holder

At your home or your office, you always have a lot of files, paperwork, and invoices to take care of. This paperwork and invoices etc. are mostly tucked in files and you mark them as per the category of the paperwork and documents saved in them.

These files are not easy to manage and you simply do not afford to lose them. So, here is a simple and stylish solution. Get one of the easily available cardboard boxes for sale, cut it into a diagonal style with losing the small part of the box and saving most of its length. Apply wrapping paper to the outside and the inside of the box, and use a marker to mention the category of the stack of files.

3. Card Box

From visiting cards to invitation cards to greeting cards, there are a big number of cards that you are somehow attached with. Sometimes it is the monetary benefit and sometimes it is an emotional association.

However, with a cardboard box customized into a card box, you no longer have to lose important cards or to worry about them. Keep all of them inside a small cardboard box, decorated with a wrapping sheet and embellishments.

4. Paper Holder & Organizer

On your office desk, I bet that you have a lot of desk accessories, but if you did not get a paper holder/organizer, you bet that you are in trouble. Papers are the easiest to make a mess and then it takes time to organize them.

Well, instead of asking where to buy cardboard boxes for stationery arrangement, why not use the existing cardboard boxes at home? Get a cereal or shoe box bigger than A4 paper size and use the scissors to rid it of its top as well as the lid.

Then apply wrapping paper and place it horizontally on your table; your paper organizer/holder is ready.

There are many other tricks that you can play on cardboard boxes and turn them into cat furniture, beverage coasters, shelves, kids play activity and a lot more.